Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Belch.io builder work?

Our builder connects directly to your HubSpot portal, and allows you to use our visual builder to create HubSpot landing pages, website pages and emails from scratch and publish directly to your HubSpot portal, without needing to learn how to code.

When publishing to HubSpot, Belch injects HubSpot HUBL code into your new HubSpot template, adding code that will allow you to use HubSpot’s native tools to customize content further once inside of your HubSpot portal.

Our goal is to make building custom for HubSpot so easy that any marketer can build unique landing and website pages and custom emails that fit the specific needs of any campaign. By making marketers into developers, we hope to reduce the cost associated with doing great marketing.

Who is Belch.io built for?

Belch.io is built for creatives, marketers and developers alike. The value for each may differ slightly, but we want to simplify building custom pages and emails for HubSpot, and reduce the costs associated with development for marketing.

Whether you know how to code or not, Belch allows everyone to build.

I already have templates, why would I need Belch?

We’ve found that over time, digital marketing lead generation assets can experience “user fatigue”, which means using the same layouts over and over will eventually lead to decreasing results.

We want to enable marketers to build based on specific campaign needs, rather than always trying to “make the content fit” into an existing template, which almost always results in degrading the design to “make it work”.

Does Belch.io offer a free trial?

Yes. Anyone can log into app.Belch.io with their existing HubSpot account, and test drive the builder for free.

Belch allows you to publish to HubSpot for free once, then we’ll give you 2 extra free publishes just for sharing the news about Belch on Twitter or Facebook. (We’ll prompt you to do so upon publishing the second and third times.)

How can I use Belch to build a HubSpot website?

Once you’ve built a global header and global footer inside of HubSpot, Belch can be used to build the body sections of website pages, and gives you the ability to attach a global header and footer once published to HubSpot.